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The Steel Insights ToolBox contains Technical and Commercial applications to provide clarity, improve communications and increase effectiveness and efficiency:

Specification Tool - Empowers the User to enter a steel specification from a pulldown and our proprietary software translates that spec into the standard steel producer nomenclature.

Pricing Tool - Once the steel specification is determined the User can enter a thickness and width and the software returns an estimated Spot Price Breakdown showing base price, grade extra, size extra, etc.

Steel Demand Tool – The User is empowered to find actual and forecast NAFTA steel demand by Product/Market for CY1991- 2021 by month.

Coil Calculator Tool – The User can input known values and the software calculates missing data. The Tool works with steel and Aluminum using Imperial or Metric units of measure.

Thickness Tolerance Tool – (Under Development) The user can lookup Specification thckness and width tolerances 

Coating Weight Converter Tool – (Under Development) Users can get an instant conversion of zinc coating weight and thickness/area.

Chemistry Tool – (Under Development) The User can lookup chemistry by Sprcification.

Mechanical Property Tool – (Under Development) The User can lookup mechanical properties by Specification.
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